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organik zeytinyağı

The magnificent recipes you can prepare with O3 Farm Organic Olive Oil.

Did you know that the Ecocert, Organic Agriculture , BIO, USDA Certified Organic O3 olive oil is produced in Turkey?

Anti-oxidant rich green tea stimulates your senses 

in O3 Care Products.

Our family has made a way of life out of olive oil settled in the very heart of Canakkale, the mythological Ida mount in Kucukkuyu, we produce traditionally with the patience and care that a great Extra Virgin Olive Oil requires.

We define the superior flavor of organic olive oil since 5 generations. In Küçükkuyu where our olive groves remained from our grandparents, we produce our organic olive oil in 100% natural ways with certified by Organic Agriculture, ECOCert, BIO and USDA. Thats where our brand comes from;

the initials of Organic Olive Oil; O3.



Olive oil is healthy but organic olive oil is healthier. Because in the residue does not contain any chemical fertilizers or other harmful components affect human health.

Organic Agriculture

Olive trees in sustainable farming system that provides continuity with the  rest until the next harvest time. No action is taken to speed up the process.

Our oil is all extra virgin and cold pressed (to maximise quality, taste and health-giving properties) and the olives are pressed within hours of being picked.


0.8 Maximum acidity of olive oil, a value only seen in the highest quality. O3 Farm Organic Olive Oil has an irresistible taste with a low acid value.

Cold Press in 24

hours afterharvest

Sustainable Agriculture

Superior Taste



O3 Farm Extra Virgin olive oil's intensive flavour rich in fruity taste makes it excellent in combination with various dishes like:

salads, mixed greens, legumes, soup,

roasted white and red meat dishes.



organik zeytinyağı
organik zeytinyağı
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The liquid O3 Farm olive oil soap. The perfect cleanser of natural olive oil; rich in glycerine, perfumed with Green Tea it is perfectly suitable for hand cleansing. Made from natural olive oil renowned for its nourishing virtues, your skin is soft, protected and delicately perfumed. For washing hands and cleansing the body in total confidence every day.

The liquid O3 Farm pure olive oil soap is a mild and moisturizing choice for facial and body care. It is excellent for all skin types with a hypoallergenic blend, it gently deep cleans while the high 
concentrations of vitamins and natural antioxidants contained virgin olive oil fight premature aging and help heal the skin. O3 Farm pure olive oil liquid soap is rich in naturally occuring vitamins 
and antioxidants, virgin olive oil helps protect the skin from free radicals that damage healthy skin. 

organik zeytinyağı



organik zeytinyağı
organik zeytinyağı

O3 Farm Bio Soap, deeply hydrates your skin with pure olive oil content. Raspberry and Basil & green tea stimulates your senses with fragrances.It is made from 100% natural olive oil.Do not contain chemicals.


organik zeytinyağı
organik zeytinyağı
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