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Olive oil slows down aging of the heart. Those who consume olive oil regularly are less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases.


During labour, the vitamin E obtained from olive oil in the mother's blood is concentrated in the breast glands and so, during breast feeding, the mother continues to supply vitamin E. It is essential to maintain the levels of this vitamin during breast feeding.

The health benefits of organic olive oil include treatment for colon, breast cancer, diabetes, heart problems, arthritis, high cholesterol, weight loss and metabolism.











Extra-virgin olive oil can help lower your LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, which can cause narrowing of the arteries. The oil contains oleocanthal as well as oleuropein that protect LDL molecules from oxidative damage which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

As a high source of vitamin E and other antioxidants, olive oil can also help hydrate skin, speed up wound healing, and help fight infections or hormonal imbalances that can lead to acne, eczema and other skin conditions, making extra virgin olive oil a home remedy for acne and natural eczema treatment.

Harvested exclusively from the best quality olives of Kucukkuyu , bored just being allowed to fall to the ground is a very special organic extra virgin olive oil . It contains antioxidants and intense flavor as well as being very useful for health with plenty of vitamins and appealed to superior taste palate. Breakfast , salads, can be used in cold and hot dishes . Free fatty acid (oleic acid ) is a high quality olive oil with a maximum value of 0.8 . Protect from heat and sunlight . No preservatives are used in the production .

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